Finance Council

This council is comprised of parishioners who give advice and help the pastor in the administration of the parish. We analyze and review on a monthly basis the revenues and expenditures of the church as compared to the annual budget. We advise the Pastor and Business Manager on all financial matters and assist in setting church policies while keeping in mind our Catholic traditions and beliefs. 

The members are appointed by the Pastor.

For more information, call the Parish office 281-481-6816.

Established December 1975.

Jim Towey - President of the Finance Council

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is to be a representative body of the faithful whose focus is on the whole community and its pursuit of the mission of the Church. The Council provides a means for uniting the parish community in expressing its collective wisdom concerning pastoral plans and activities. Thus, the members of this group, along with the Pastor, are called to reflect and consider pastoral issues for the common good and for the future. Their role is to understand, to reflect carefully and prayerfully, and to seek consensus.

The first St. Luke Parish Pastoral Council was elected in 1975.

Effective planning is about developing a vision that addresses needs and inspires others to follow. The Archdiocese offers resources for parish councils to take the necessary steps and required actions for a pleasant and fruitful planning process.

7 Step Pastoral Plan


  • Julian Calvillo, Chairperson
  • Minerva Mendoza, Vice Chair
  • Lorena Diaz, Terry King, and Monica Marin de Ramos

Stewardship Council

We are called to be God's stewards. God has entrusted each one of us with all of his creatures and creation and has given us many blessings.  Our mission is to inspire and guide the parish in all aspects of stewardship: prayer, service and ministry.  We meet on the first Wednesday of the month, 6:30pm – 7:30pm. 

It is in sharing of our Time, Talent and Treasure that we show Stewardship in action. The Stewardship Council sponsors the Ministries Fair, Welcoming Receptions and other activities throughout the year.

Be a part of the Stewardship Council and help to keep the St. Luke vision alive in our parish.

For more information or to volunteer, contact:

Michelle Holste, Stewardship Coordinator | 281-481-6816 EXT. 215,