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Update: Our variance was approved unanimously! Thank you to the 152 people who submitted their forms and for all of your prayers. Now on to the next step. We Are St. Luke!


Parishioners of St. Luke, on Friday, May 31, 2024, we received the City of Pearland Planning and Engineering review comments for the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application we submitted for our new Family Life Center. The CUP application must be approved in order for us to move forward to receive our building permit. Unfortunately, we received word from the city that they are requiring a landscape buffer as specified below: 
“Please be aware that the subject property is adjacent to single-family residential properties to the northwest and southwest. A landscape buffer is required when a nonresidential use is adjacent to a single-family residential use. The require may be meet with a 25-foot landscape buffer with a masonry wall and large shade trees (1'' per 10' of lot length) or a 30-foot landscape buffer with a continuous hedgerow, large shade trees (1'' per 10' of lot length), and ornamental trees (1'' per 15' of lot length) (necessary for the CUP, but will need to be shown for the commercial permit).”
The area outlined in red below is where the city wants us to build the landscape buffer. 
On June 4th we submitted for a variance (exception) on the basis that, giving over a large portion of the construction budget to build landscape features that were not required for the Phase 1 construction (Cenacle), would have a negative impact on our ability to move forward with our Phase 2 building (Family Life Center). We are scheduled to appear before the City of Pearland Zoning Board of Adjustment on July 11, 2024. Please keep our efforts in prayer.
We Are St. Luke!